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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to your questions

You can see all your subscription movements and its status in the Account section.

No. Only if you exceed the new capacity limit of the Free Plan we will delete photos in order to meet the new limit.

First of all, we invite you to try Dianary and if you like it and you are interested, we invite you to buy the plan more fit your needs. In your Dianary you will obtain more information about the plans.

Yes. If you invite 3 friends or relatives to try Dianary, you will get 30 free days. As well, with the purchase of your first plan we will give you 30 extra free days. Otherwise you will enjoy the Free Plan.

The password can be changed in the section "Account" in any time. We recommend to do that unless one a year.

Currently, Dianary is available in English and Spanish. In order to the requests received, we hope to add the support in other languages.

You can find the instructions to carry out the synchronization of your hunting calendar with all your devices in the section "Utilities - Calendar sync". Your hunts, events and appointments will be in the palm of your hand.

Yes. The storage is a limit resource and, on technical grounds, we have had to limit the available space in its hunting album between 100 and 500 MB. This capacity is more than enough to the normal use for your Dianary.

The reason is associated with all the functionality that Dianary gives to you. For example, you would like to know your accumulated expense in a specific currency but, if you could to change the currency, you should to indicate us the exchange rate applied between the different currencies. Too complicate, isn't it?

Not, of course. You have the chance to fulfill the fields that you consider appropriate. Only the fields marked with (*) are mandatory.

There is an strict commitment on the part of Dianary to safeguarding your privacy. So, all the information you have introduced will be treated with the most confidentiality as possible.

We recommend using a PC or tablet to introduce information in your Dianary for your convenience. Anyway, you can use the device you like to read your Dianary.

There is no many fortunate people that have the chance to hunting abroad, that's why we have included as species to hunt only the hunting species in your country.

You will be able to generate those authorizations to third-parties from the detail of any of your weapons or hunting areas which you are a holder.

First of all, you have to keep an ammo which is identified by type, subtype, brand, model and weight/grains. After that, the only thing you have to do to manage the stock of that ammo is editing it. Dianary recommends to you not remove an ammo unless you will not have in the future stock of that ammo.

To modify the amount (stock) of ammo you should to use the option "Edit ammo stock".

First of all, you should introduce the amount of the budget and press the button "Generate budget" and automatically that amount will spread out between the different categories. The only thing you have to do then is the following: you have to adjust the amount of the different categories as you consider (watching the total amount of it that will be changing) and keep it.

They are expenses generated automatically from the information that you have introduced in hunts, events, weapons, animals, permits... So, if you like to modify or delete those expenses, you should do it from the place that you introduced them.

We invite you to get in touch with the technical support through [email protected] sending us the document. After the validation of its content and suitability, it will be available for all the hunters.

Many of the elements that our check lists have to avoid to forget anything should be the same. To avoid the obligation to put it time and time again when we assist to a hunt, we have created these templates that still are good and will save time.

If you want to keep more details of a hunt apart from the trophy, like the date, time and method, you should create a hunt and, after that, you will obtain a form to keep the trophies of that hunt. Thus, you may keep all the data you like, as from the hunt as from the trophies that you harvested in it. If you have already created the trophy, remove it and create a hunt following the steps above.