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Dianary - Enjoy hunting

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Benefits of using Dianary

Why Dianary will be your perfect hunting friend?
  • Hunting calendar sync with your smartphone
  • Prevent oversights in your next event with your event check list and info
  • Get alerts & notifications to have everything controlled and managed
  • Know your recent hunting activity with the activity reports
  • Spend better your money in hunt with the budget & financial manager
  • Know when you have to renew your personal and animals' documentation
  • Prevent your hunting permits expiration
  • Know when you have to go to the gun shop to get more ammo
  • Control your firearms maintenances to keep up them ready
  • Have your animals in good condition with the disease and care control
  • Come ahead your warranties expiration
  • All your hunting info kept safe and accessible
  • Bring back your hunting experiences
  • Hunting album
  • Digital trophy room
  • Annual report with your hunting activity
  • Know your hunting stats
  • Places where you have hunted and the ones you still do not know
  • Discover the games you have already hunt and which ones you still missed
  • Overcome your personal & Dianary challenges
  • Access to digital copies of your warranties and documentation
  • Generate automatic authorizations of your firearms when you lend them to your friends and acquaintances
  • Use the digital reference hunting sheet to know your positions in each round and which will be your next position
  • Generate automatic authorizations for third parties to hunt in your land
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Principles of Dianary

Basis upon which Dianary has been developed


Even if your subscription expires you will be able to access your information.


Privacy is vital for Dianary. So we process your data with strict confidentiality.


If you have any doubt or issue contact Dianary team who will try to help you as soon as possible.


Keep your info with the detail you wish. Greater detail means more info at your reach. You choose.

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How does Dianary work?



Have all ready before you go out hunting

Have you ever been surprised realizing that your hunting license had expired? Have you missed any item while you were hunting?

We have so many things in mind to remember all. But here is Dianary to help you plan, control and manage all you need to hunt and prevent annoying surprises.

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Control and manage all you need to hunt

We need many items to hunt Would you like to easily control and manage all of them?

Dianary helps you to manage easily all them (firearms, ammo, animals, documentation...) fitting your info requirements.

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Remember your experiences

Can you remember details of your hunting trips or do you forget them with passing of time?

The passing of time make us to loose details of our hunting experiences. It is a pity because we not only enjoy hunting, but also love to remember how was that hunting day.

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Generates unbelievable hunting info from your hunting results

Do you know the number of hunting days you already had, the number of white-tail deers you have harvested, your efficiency shooting...?

Few people know their hunting stats do its complex calculation. Dianary calculates them for you so it is easy to know them! We are pretty sure they will surprise you.

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Más ventajas

More benefits

Advance utilities

Do you need to generate an authorization or have clear your hunting positions?

Dianary helps you to look up & generate automatically a number of interesting documents.

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Some fun figures

(which you might did not know)
  • 0

days we hunt annually

only 6% of the days we hunt on average

  • 0

million of hunters all over the world

approx. 2% of the population hunt

  • 0

different hunting methods are used

Dianary has (almost) all of them

Plans of Dianary

Plans to fit your needs



  • Basic Assistant
  • Basic Manager
  • Basic Diary
  • Album of 10 MB
  • No Analytics
  • 7 methods
  • Annual memory not included


From €4.99 /month

  • Advanced Assistant
  • Advanced Manager
  • Advanced Diary
  • Album of 200 MB
  • Basic Analytics
  • 8 methods
  • Annual memory not included


From €14.99 /month

  • Complete Assistant
  • Complete Manager
  • Complete Diary
  • Album of 1 GB
  • Complete Analytics
  • All methods
  • Annual memory included
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