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The most complete hunting App
Available for Android & Web

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Why Dianary will be your perfect hunting mate?
  • Without oversights or unexpected expirations
  • Hunting calendar sync with your smartphone
  • Check-list to prevent oversights
  • Weather & solunar table
  • Know your recent hunting activity with the activity reports
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Control your hunting spent
  • Know when you have to renew your personal and animals' documentation
  • Prevent your hunting permits expiration without enjoying them
  • Know when you have to get more ammo
  • Control your weapon and equipment maintenances to keep up them ready
  • Have your animals in good condition with the disease and care control
  • Remember when you have to go to the taxidermist to pick up your trophies
  • Come ahead your warranties expiration
  • Generate automatic authorizations of your weapons and lands for third parties
  • Geolocalitation of track while hunting
  • Keep markets with photos
  • Search mode to locate injured games
  • Expenses calculator of the hunt
  • Silent and offline operation
  • Limit and markers of the land in your smartphone
  • Navigation to the land or meeting point
  • Bring your documentation along
  • Save your hunting results easily
  • Hunting and sighting sheets (depending on the method=
  • Complete your diary with your experiences (story, chases, anecdotes)
  • Digital trophy room
  • Hunting album
  • Hunting stats from your results
  • Places where you have hunted and the ones you still do not know
  • Discover the games you have already harvest and which ones you still missed
  • Overcome your personal and Dianary challenges
  • Receive your hunting diary in book
  • Your hunting activity immortalized in paper
  • Remember with every detail your hunts, trophies, experiences...


Basis upon which Dianary has been developed


Privacy is vital for us. So we process your data with strict confidentiality


Keep info with the detail you wish. Greater detail means more info at your reach. You choose


All your hunt in one place. Total sync among Web & App


Available for all methods all over the world

A bad day hunting is better that a good day at work



What includes?


Everything prepared and ready before hunting

Have you missed something while hunting?
Would you like some help to plan yourself?

We have so many things in mind to remember all. Dianary will help you plan all you need to hunt, so that everything is prepared and you avoid oversights

Hunting calendar

Sync with your smartphone

Your hunts, sightings, activities and events organized

Check lists

Everything prepared

Avoid last minute oversights

Weather & solunar

Always ready

Weather forecasts and solunar table for your next hunt

Alerts & notifications

Updated all the time

We informed you by alerts and notifications so that you have everything ready

Activity reports

Weekly in your email

We keep you informed of your hunting activity



Have everything ready to hunt

Have you ever noticed that your hunting license o permit to be enjoyed had expired?
Have you ever get short of ammo?

Dianary helps you easily organize all you need to hunt: weapons, ammo, animals, documentation, permits... to have everything ready and without surprises


Know (if you want) how much do you spend

Annual budget and expenses by category and date


Always documented

Prevent from having your documentation or your animal's documentation expired


Make the most of your permits

Do not allow that a game tag, leasing or other hunting permit expires before enjoying it


Know when you have to get more ammo

Control your ammo stock

Weapons and equipment maintenances

Your weapons and equipment ready

Manage your weapon and equipment maintenances so that they are always ready

Animal cares

Your animals in shape

Control diseases and cares of your hunting partners

Trophy stuff

Your trophies localized

Plan and control your trophies stuff to avoid "losses" or oversights


Use your warranties before its expiration

Use (if you need) your warranties of weapon, equipment or maintenances before its expiration


Simplify bureaucracy

Automatic generation of authorizations for third parties of your weapons and lands



Take advantage of your smartphone's capabilities

Would you like to record your track while hunting?
Do you want to have markers, land limits, tracks, documentation... in your smartphone?
Would be handy to have reference points to locate injured games?

Right now all above and more is possible with Dianary

Silent operation

Without sounds or interruptions

Automatic activation of the vibration mode to avoid any disturbance

Hunting track

Track geolocation

Save automatically your track while hunting


Geolocate places too

Save easily your markers: feeders, where did you leave your vehicle, sightings and much more

Search mode

Locate all hunted games

Tool to help you find all the games injured: from where did you shoot, where was the game located and the track you do while searching it

Expenses calculator

Do the math easily

Calculate the price to pay by each hunting participant

Land limits

The limits always clear

Be clear of the land limits while hunting


Don't get lost

Instructions to get to the land or meeting point (with google maps)


In the palm of your hand

Access (even offline) to your documentation

Available offline

Offline operation

Many options, like hunting don't require Internet connection



Build easily your hunting diary

Would you like to get your hunting diary almost automatically?

From the information you save Dianary builds almost automatically your hunting diary. You can complete it with the story, anecdotes...

Hunting diary

Keep your memories

Write easily your hunting diary

Trophy room

Your trophies not only hanging

Keep info of each trophy you harvested and the experience to get it


Your hunt in images

Your hunting memories in images too

Hunting results

Save your results easily

Collect your hunting and sighting results easily



Get your hunting stats

Do you know how many hunts have you assisted
Do you know your average hunting cost or your ratio of shots per deer this season?

Few people know their hunting stats do its complex calculation. Dianary calculates them for you so it is easy to know them! We are pretty sure they will surprise you.

Hunting stats

Discover your hunting stats

We calculate your hunting stats filtered by hunting method and date

Where did you hunt


Know where did you hunt and the places you have missed

Harvested species

Hunt everything

Get info about the games you have already harvested and the ones you miss


Overcome yourself

Set by both you and Dianary



Rekindle your hunt with posterity

Are you able to remind details of your past hunts or you forget them over time?
Do you remind with detail how was the chase of "that" deer?

The passing of time make us to loose details of our hunting experiences. It is a pity because we not only enjoy hunting, but also love to remember how was that hunting day.

Hunting book

Your annual hunting activity immortalized in a book

Receive every year your hunting diary in your home and rekindle with every detail your hunts, trophies, experiences...

Some interesting figures

  • 0

days we hunt annually

only 6% of the days we hunt on average

  • 0

million of hunters all over the world

approx. 2% of the population hunt

  • 0

different hunting methods are used

multiple ways of hunting


Plans to fit your needs



  • Basic Assistant
  • Basic Manager
  • Basic Diary
  • Album of 10 MB
  • No Analytics
  • 7 methods
  • Annual memory not included


From €4.99 /month

  • Advanced Assistant
  • Advanced Manager
  • Advanced Diary
  • Album of 200 MB
  • Basic Analytics
  • 8 methods
  • Annual memory not included


From €14.99 /month

  • Complete Assistant
  • Complete Manager
  • Complete Diary
  • Album of 1 GB
  • Complete Analytics
  • All methods
  • Annual memory included
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